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Design Studio Petaluma, CA | Elu Creative Graphic Designer

Elu Creative, an award-winning graphic design studio in Petaluma, CA offers branding services to business owners in the San Francisco Bay Area. Call (707) 237 - 5134. We specialize in branding with logos, business stationary, marketing material, print, packaging and websites. We rebranded Klee with new website content for their homepage, showcasing award-winning marketing and advertising content using photography and copywriting. Awarded by GD USA American Web Design Awards 2017.

our process

Our process follows a structure that has proven to be resourceful, however no two client relationships are the same, which makes it unique. We believe in long lasting relationships. When working together, our client will bring their expertise and knowledge of their business, and we will use strategic thinking and design expertise.

Together we will create something beautiful. 


our philosophy


We believe in the power of an idea.
As small or fleeting as they come, it can evolve
into something larger than life. 

First it will need reason and purpose. With this it will then evolve, have depth,
become dynamic, timeless, and even beautiful. Lastly it will need a voice, and only then
is it ready to be shared with the world.

A simple idea can solve one of your largest challenges, or evolve
into your next startup that inspires the world. 

Elu Creative is located in the North Bay of the San Francisco Bay Area. We offer services in Brand Strategy, Brand Identity, and Brand Experiences such as logos, business stationary, packaging and websites.